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Policy And Guidelines

The following information is important to you. Please take a moment to go through them.


Guidelines for Students/Swimmers


1.   Please be punctual for your sessions

2.   Please await instructions from the Swim Teacher before entering the pool.

3.   Please pay attention to your Swim Teacher during the lesson.

4.   Ask questions when in doubt.

5.   No pushing or running at the poolside.

6.   Have your name marked on all your personal training equipment.

7.   Swim equipment required by students.


      a.   Goggles (All levels)

      b.   Kickboard (All levels)

      c.   Swim Fins (Station 4 onwards)

      d.   Pull Buoy (Station 6 and above)

      e.   Hand Paddles (Cross Training and above)


The above items are available at the Swim School for your purchase.



Guidelines for Parents  


1.   Please be punctual.

2.   The poolside is strictly out-of-bounds for parents. If you wish to speak to any of our Swim Teachers, please inform the Deck        Coordinator and she will arrange a meeting. 

3.   After class, please arrange for your child to shower and change immediately. Do not allow your child to be in the water.





 1.   There will be No Make-up class for all program regardless for no-show or if your scheduled class falls on a Public Holiday,


       i)          New Year’s Eve,

       ii)         Chinese New Year’s Eve & Days 3-6,                                         

       iii)        Christmas Eve, New Year Eve and                                                                      

       iv)        One week in September or a selected month

*Please note that there are certain months in the calendar year with a 5th week. There are no extra charges for the additional lessons.  


2. Bad Weather: 

There will be no cancellation of class. In view of lightning alert or heavy rain, land drills & stroke correction will be conducted. As soon as the weather gets better, they will head back to the pool.


The APS Swim School Learn-to-Swim Certification Program:  


The purpose of this program is to provide a tangible tool to motivate the child and it also acts as a clear indicator of the child’s progress.


  • Our Trainer/Deck Supervisor will conduct the grading. Upon passing the grading, your child will be awarded a badge & sticker to be pasted on the Grading Card.     

Note: Station recommended for grading does not reflect current learning level. Learning continues regardless of grading.



Photography and Videography Policy:

As we believe that the best ambassadors for the school are its student. APS/ APSC may use photographs/ videos of your children to illustrate on the School’s website/ social media platform.


Parents are not allowed to take photographs/ videos during the lessons. No photography/ videography devices are to be used in the changing rooms, this includes video calls.


Parents may only take photographs/ videos of your child during events held by APS/APSC. E.g Novice Meet, Squad Meet, APSC Championship, Camps etc. However, we ask all parents to undertake to use any such images in a responsible manner with thought for other parents and children.



Class Placement Policy:

Kindly note that due to grading system, student movement and class consolidation; we may need to re-assign your child’s class at times. Notification will be by email or sms.


For all students who passed station 6 grading, they are required to proceed to the next level.




  1. Monthly swim fee will be deducted MONTHLY via GIRO on the 1ST of each calendar month.  If the 1st falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday, deductions will be made on the next working day. If deduction fails, GIRO will be suspended and the outstanding amount shall be settled by cash or cheque. An administrative fee S$15 will apply.

  2. Lesson that starts/end other than the first week of the month will be pro-rated at $43.25/- per lesson or per week.

  3. Receipts will be issued for cash/paynow payments.



Course Fees:

Student registration fee is - S$70. (applicable for Learn-To-Swim / Endurance / Cross Training)

The deposit is one-month’s fee - S$173.00. This will serve as lesson fees for the one-month notice.

Monthly Swimming Fees are as follows:

Program : Learn-To-Swim / Endurance / Cross Training / Learn-To-Synchro / Learn-to-Dive

GIRO                          : $173.00

Cash                          : $188.00

Cheque/PayNow      : $188.00 (Payable to: APS Swim School (S) Pte Ltd)

Note: Please write the student’s name, month of fee payment, day and class time on the reverse side for all cheque payments. 


Our mailing address: Orchard P. O. Box 788, Singapore 912327.


For further information about our individual programs and fees please contact our admin team.


NOTE: The APS Swim School reserves the right to accept, reject or terminate any person from the activities and programs of the School. 


Withdrawal of Class Policy:                                                         

  • If you wish to withdraw your child from the program, please inform our office one-month in advance by filling up the Discontinuation form available at the office or via email to by 12pm before 20th of the month. 

Note: Please adhere strictly to the time/date as we are required to facilitate the bank’s time line requirement.

  • Medical cases with valid documentation qualify for immediate discontinuation. 

Note: Absence from lesson does not indicate withdrawal from class unless the withdrawal form is received.

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