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Learn To Swim

An 8-station program designed for children with a structured approach.

Course includes Breath Management, Body Balance, Floating, Basic Water Safety, and Swim Stroke Technique in Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breastroke and Butterfly.

Blowing Bubbles 

This station will equip your child with basic water confidence & survival skills such as safe water entry techniques & breath control. Students will also be taught to hold a streamlined position.



This station focuses primarily on the combination of the breath control & arm movement with the leg kicks. Further progress is made on water safety & confidence. Students are also introduced on how to hold a streamlined position on their backs. 



In this station, students will be taught the Backstroke. Technical skills that will be taught include the backstroke starts, turns, finishes, double arm backstroke and water treading with clothing.



In this station, students will be taught the Butterfly stroke. Students will also be working on improving their endurance in all four strokes. Technical skills taught include turns that will be used for the same stroke and during individual medley. 



This station places a huge emphasis on water safety as well as builds a strong foundation in kicking which will be required for the subsequent stations.


Front Crawl

This station will introduce the first full stroke, the Front Crawl. We will build on skills learned from previous stations. Other skills taught in this station are water treading, side kicking, submersion techniques & starts, turns and finish.



In this station, students will be taught the Breaststroke. Technical skills that will be taught include the breaststroke starts, turns, finishes. Students will also start to work on their swimming endurance and be introduced to the Butterfly stroke.



In the final station, students will work towards the ability to complete a 200m individual medley as well as the front crawl with somersault turns and underwater dolphin start.


Learn To Swim
Equipment List
  • Googles (All stations)

  • Kickboard (All stations)

  • Swim fins (Station 4 onwards)

  • Long sleeve shirt and long pants (Station 5 onwards)

  • Pull buoy (Station 7-8)

  • Flippers (Station 7-8)

  • Yellow/Blue Swimming Cap (Station 7-8)


$173 Per Student / Month

  • 45 Minutes Per Session / Once A Week (Stations 1-6)

  • 60 Minutes Per Session / Twice A Week (Station 7-8)

Class Type
  • 4 Students Per Swim Teacher For Stations 1-3

  • 5 Students Per Swim Teacher For Stations 4-6

  • Group Class For Stations 7-8

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