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From Learn-to-Swim to current competitive swimming, APS Swim School has been Uncle Nicholas' home for more than a decade! He took up the Swim Teacher role to do his part to contribute back to the swim school / club which has greatly shaped who he is today.

Aunty Qirong used to be our Learn-to-Swim student all the way to Cross Training! Since then, swimming has been one of her hobbies and she decided to return to APS Swim School as a Swim Teacher to pursue her interest. Heartwarming indeed!

Former APSC competitive swimmer turned part time APS Swim Teacher. Recently graduated, Uncle Ching Hwang helps out a little more these days, at both locations, while looking out for a full time job!

Uncle Adriel has a passion for swimming which he uses towards fetching a little extra income while studying. He will always ensure you have your rainbow hamburger on just right!

During the week, Uncle Alex works as a stockbroker! He works at APS Swim to do something meaningful and contribute back to society, which also is a break from his 9-5 job. Also doesn't hurt to have a bit of pocket money and enjoy the outdoor sun!

Uncle Chern Yi works full  time in research. He started out at APS for some extra income, and has stayed because he finds working at APS fun. He loves working with the kids as they are so truthful with their emotions!

Aunty Saint is a full time Student working at APS to gain some income while completing her studies. She chose APS because she also gets to gain new skills from teaching!

Uncle Marcus is a full-time student who is enthusiastic about swimming. He loves teaching kids on the weekend as reprieve from the daily grind a school. 

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