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Learn-To-Swim: Teacher Feature

Get to know more about the Learn-To-Swim Teachers!


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Aunty Niki

Aunty Niki recently graduated from the University of Stirling at Singapore Institute of Management, with a degree in Sports Studies and Marketing.

She started swimming at APS’ learn-to-swim program when she was just three years old and eventually progressed to APSC to pursue competitive swimming. She is a huge bookworm in her free time, so her books are always accessible through her phone’s kindle app.

On why she decided to be a swim teacher with APS, Aunty Niki

sees it as a way to give back to the community that she has grown up in, to impart whatever she had the privilege of learning over the years to the kids.

"I grew up in the APS/APSC community. I value the belief here - where everything is a learning opportunity. Every and any achievement, no matter how small, is celebrated.

I enjoy spreading the love for the water and the sport. Interacting with the kids through teaching them how to swim has let me feel a different kind of joy. I have learnt how to translate my understanding and skills I have for swimming into the way I deliver my lessons, to engage the kids and making sure they have fun."

-Aunty Niki

Uncle Kenneth Seng

Uncle Kenneth has been with APS Swim School for 11 years… since 2010!


The journey of seeing a child being able to swim efficiently is very rewarding. Through the process of engaging the children, he gets to understand himself better and adjust & adapt accordingly. He grows along with his students! This two-way learning and continuous self-discovery process are very satisfying for him.

Uncle Alex

During the week, Uncle Alex works as a stockbroker! He works at APS Swim to do something meaningful and contribute back to society, which also is a break from his 9-5 job. Also doesn't hurt to have a bit of pocket money and enjoy the outdoor sun!

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