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Our Mission Statement

To Aid in the Formation of a Swim Teachers & Coaches Association

  • We aim to promote the development of swim teaching & swim coaching.

  • Govern and uphold the teaching & coaching standards of its members.

  • Effect the running of established coaching courses that would contribute to higher quality teaching and coaching standards.

  • Educate the public in matters regarding to water safety and the learning of swimming.

Total approach to the sporting excellence of swimming in Singapore covering from age group development program to world class competitive program

  • Olympic Swim Medal from more fellow Singaporeans

  • Establish the learning process of swimming & its progress beyond to be systematic

Aim to promote water safety as a nationwide campaign

  • Active development of swim programs for the disabled in Singapore.


  • Strength and vision of a brighter future.

  • Appreciate the stability, fortune and wealth that our country has evolved to become.

  • Share a similar believe that the intrinsic value of being kind, gracious and caring is an important integration to make our society complete.

  • Wish to live in a society that is optimistic and positive.

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